Bookbinding is one of the oldest crafts known to civilized man, and is widely recognized as a unique art form..

Although most of modern bookbinding is mechanized Felton Bookbinding remains faithful to the age old traditions of quality hand craftsmanship in our tools, materials and methods.

Over the last few centuries, not too much has changed to the basic techniques used in this fine craft. Our tools and materials come from around the globe, so if we have to restore a 16th century volume, or create a new binding that matches that period, we can do it.

Restoration can be anything from a small page or cover repair, to totally dismantling the book, saving as much of the original binding as possible, and returning it to it’s former glory.

We still sew most of our books by hand, we can do page repair, and can dye and match leathers from centuries ago. Our gold tooling is done with 23 k gold, and with our collection of finishing tools, can match tooling from many periods.

We use our knowledge of the history of bookbinding when creating a cover for a new book, it may be a new publication on the inside, but the outside can be as stunning as your imagination will let it be!

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